Investing in real estate is filled with risk but there is a way to minimize the risk and that is to partner with & learn from an experienced professionals.  In the REI Institute, you will have access to train with active investors who buy and sell 7-10 of properties a month.  Jump in the trenches and learn from the best!


Intensive REI Mentorship

In this 6 week intensive, budding real estate investors with a variety of skills and experience levels receive specialized training, career enhancing resources and personalized mentorship to equip you in building successful real estate businesses.  Mastermind Members receive exclusive access to private funders, reputable professional vendors & premium services all intended to enhance your journey as an investor.  Members also are required to develop and pitch deals to the Inner Circle of Cash Buyers with the intent to close a deal.  Mastermind events take place in-person weekly & virtually with unlimited access to Mastermind Coach and REI Mentor, Q. Nicole McNair.


Virtual REI Mentorship

Are you ready to become a #REIMentee?!  Well you are in the right place!  As an aspiring real estate investor, this virtual 8 module program is designed to improve your understanding of real estate investing and how to turn this understanding into profit from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device.  Now individuals from around the country can access the proven system designed by the REI Mentor and Investor Q. Nicole McNair and apply these wealth building principles in their own backyard.

REI Private Coaching 

When you're ready to elevate your game as an investor and endeavor to earn the income earned by professionals, this level of coaching is for you!  This 1 on 1 program allows you to develop a real estate investment strategy specific to your short and long term goals. receive private coaching on lead generation, automating deal selection, deal development, deal evaluation, mindset training, portfolio building, strategic partnerships and tax planning.  Investors in this elite program will receive full access to the Inner Circle - a multi-disciplined group of professionals whose expertise serve successful real estate investors which only enhances each Mentee's experience!

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