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Up and Coming Trends in Real Estate Design

When rehabbing your new properties, it is important to research and execute the latest trends in real estate design in order to make your new property reach its highest value. Here are three new trends we love!

The waterfall countertop

This new twist to the ordinary kitchen island is catching everyone’s eye due to its luxe look and practical use. Rather than constructing an island that stops abruptly, this new centerpiece drops vertically down the sides and creates a continuous flow between the floor and cabinetry. This addition will make any family super comfortable and always keep guests “oooh-ing and aah-ing” as they enter the beautifully modern kitchen.

Why we love it - Waterfall countertops provide more space in the kitchen by eliminating the unused edges of a traditional island. It is also helpful because can hide wine refrigerators, dishwashers and even house kitchen sinks.

Things to consider - This trend will require more stone than a traditional island and can easily tap into your kitchen renovation budget. If you plan to recreate this look from scratch, in order to get the edge of the counter to appear flawless, contractors typically use a computer numerical control laser cutter. Not cheap, but effective!

Energy saving

Regardless of whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing house, optimizing home energy efficiency is a perfect way to boost the property’s value in today’s real estate climate while treating Planet Earth with a little kindness.

Why we love it - Preserving energy throughout your home assists with reducing utility expenses and offers an opportunity to truly value and depend on Earth’s natural resources. There are quite a few ways to conserve energy in your new property. Popular appliances that also have energy efficient features include:


•Ovens/Stove Tops



•Heating & Cooling System

•Water Heater

Other design elements where energy efficiency can be considered include:



•Windows, Doors and Skylight

Things to consider - Making your home more energy efficient is an amazing feat, but you should be sure to research affordable and popular trends as there are many areas to consider. Additionally, it can take quite a bit of time. Despite those concerns, it will offer you long term savings and position your home to be a friend of the planet.

Automated Lock Systems

Carrying around a physical keychain may soon be a thing of the past. Now, with dozens of smart and electronic locks to choose from, you can enter your home with a push of a button.

Why we love it - As technology continues to make great strides, there are so many easy to use lock systems for the everyday homeowner. I have seen many systems that can be managed from the smart-phone which is super helpful in homes that span across multiple floors. Here are a few popular choices and their features!

•Early Electronic Lock system uses a keypad and customized pin number for entry. While keypads are still popular, newer models are moving towards touchscreen panels to make it nearly impossible for burglars to figure out the code.

•Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is another automated lock system that uses a key fob or swipe card for entry. With RFID technology, homeowners can eliminate the hassle of digging through their purses or pockets for their keys.

•Bluetooth-enabled lock system that senses your smartphone’s bluetooth ID and opens the door as you arrive.

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