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Day 5 (of the 7 Day Mindset Challenge): Nourish Your Mind

The mind is super sensitive. It becomes the sponge that collects all of the thoughts, visions and message received. If not careful, it will begin to use the information it collects to predict your path or direction by filling your mind with toxins that are meant to derail your destiny. Examples of this happen all the time. Think about that friend who is always complaining. Everything in their life is negative and always falling apart. This same person likely also enjoys gossip and filling their minds with junk. What we put into our minds, it gives us in experiences. When we fill our minds with positive thoughts, we are able to produce positive experiences in our lives!

During the Mindset Challenge, we have been challenging you to develop routines and practical habits that will serve you showing up as your highest self. Today, our goal is to implore you to intentionally nourish your mind. I am currently in the middle of a 21 Day Fast. It is a lightweight spiritual fast that I knew before starting would positively shift my being and give me a great launch into 2019! And it has been AMAZING! A few days into my fast, I heard the Holy Spirit mention that I should only listen to Christian music for the remainder of my fast. The thought of it didn’t even make me flinch. I used to listen to a popular, local Christian station 91.9WFM in my 20s and I remember during that period of my life, I had such strong resolve. I just was always being reminded of God’s love & God’s grace while listening to catchy lyrics and great acoustics.

As soon as I turned on the station, I immediately felt why the Holy Spirit had nudged me to make this commitment. I actually needed to shift my energy. The energy coming from my preferred music choices were aggressive, negative, low in morals and made my spirit feel dull and anxious. As soon as I listened to a few Christian songs, I felt energized and full of hope. This is an example of making a simple & practical choice to nourish my mind.

What are some practical ways that you plan to nourish your mind?

Check out the top 10 methods that I personally use to nourish my mind so that it can use it to create the best life imaginable!


Read Books

Listen to Personal Development Podcasts


Silence Fast

Watching Positive Programming

Drawing & Sketching


Attend Personal Development Events


Comment below and let me know which of those listed works best for you!


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