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Day 3 (of the 7 Day Mindset Challenge): Create Positive Energy

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

I remember the day that the Oprah Winfrey Show aired its last show. The end of an era. I was sitting in my Mother’s living room locked into what I knew would be her best show yet. On May 25th, 2011 in the most beautiful coral/peach tone dress, Oprah delivered the most profound and powerful nuggets of wisdom about purpose fulfillment, spiritual growth and achievement that was meant to enlighten and shift the mindset of every viewer. It worked. Oprah helped me to understand the spiritual science behind achievement that caused me to become aware of my own creative powers. She plainly stated (and I paraphrase) that we are all “sources of energy” & that in this human experience, we are most responsible for the quality of energy that we give and the energy that we receive. Wow!

Prior to that, I was hip to metaphysics. James Allen is one of my favorite authors. Proverbs, 2nd Samuel and James are my favorite books in the Bible. I have always been aware of the connection between thought and behavior which is why, during my struggle with depression, I restricted myself so carefully because I did not want to create a chain reaction due to poor thought life that I would have to live with. However where Lady O further opened my eyes was when she shared how we are able to create our own energy.

Since we are sources of energy, our exchanges with others are energy transfers. However, many of us will go throughout our life not paying attention to the energy we give OR receive. In today’s Mindset Challenge, I want us to focus on creating super positive energy to share with the world and how to “reset our souls” so that we can rid ourselves of the inner junk that drains our energy & renew our thinking to support the energy we desire to give.

Three Tips to Creating Positive Energy:

Tip #1: One of the best ways to create positive energy is through physical motion. I find that it is important to start each day with movement that opens up your body and its natural energy reserves. Whether that is dancing to your favorite song, doing jumping jacks, yoga or stretching - physical movement engages and amplifies our natural energy creating all types of positive vibes and improving our moods.

Tip #2: Another great way to create positive energy is through breathing deeply and intentionally. When we practice consistent sequences of deep breathing, we recalibrate our energy by intentionally exhaling the thoughts and energies that don’t serve us and inhaling those that do. It is truly a simple and free reset that allows us to detox our energies to better align with our purpose.

Tip #3: The last great way to create positive energy is to declutter your environment. Environments are the places we abide in and not all environments are physical. Examples of environment include your car or desk at work. Your home or bedroom in your home. Your relationships with people close to you (whether for work or for pleasure). Your relationship with your finances. Those are all environments whose state could either drain us or empower us. It is easy to want to make a million dollars and live your happiest life ever, but if you wake up each day to a dirty environment, get inside of a junky car on the way to work, have poor communications and unestablished or unmet standards in your relationships and no organization or order in your personal or financial affairs, you will find yourself too drained to fight the good fight of freedom to create your best life. Declutter everything in the beginning of the week each week so that you can establish environments that inspire and foster your best energies!

What are some ways you have found that help you to create better, positive energy?! I know that there are more ways than I have mentioned - share them with us today! If you try these tips, share with us how they have helped you!


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