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Day 2 (of the 7 Day Mindset Challenge): Check Your Perspective

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

"If you want a different quality of life for yourself, you have to envision your future." -Brendon Buchard

It’s the second day of the Mindset Challenge and we are super excited about the response from yesterday! How have you enjoyed implementing your regimen? I love my morning routine and hopefully many of you joined me and incorporated your own this morning! The one aspect of my morning routine that I love the most is the practice of visualization. Visualization is when we allow our mind to travel into our destiny and we get the beautiful benefit of taking a “sneak peek”. How does it feel to envision sleeping in your dream bedroom, in your dream house with your dream family? How does it feel to go to the bank and to grab a check to pick up your brand new luxury car? What about your dream career - building houses, speaking to men & women around the world? How does it feel to be on the stage - inspiring others? The process of visualization allows you to create the success in your mind that you intend to exist in reality.

Visualizing is really a relaxing process. I love just laying on my back really early in the morning and directing my thoughts to my wildest dreams. I think about bopping around Amsterdam on a random Tuesday. Biking in Belgium. Grabbing Gelato in Rome. Traveling the world while my businesses continue to thrive. Serving millions through books that I have written. Building housing for families to live in. Giving my best to the world while living my best life. Sounds great right?! Well, let me be the first to admit, though, that visualizing has not always been easy for me.

There was a period, early in my journey as an entrepreneur, where I couldn’t see anything. I would lay in bed, close my eyes, think about my future life and draw a blank. Just a black wall. It was devastating! I remember telling my best friend that I felt a blockage in my ability to progress because I could not see where I was going. I realized that the block, the black wall, was the by-product of fear. The fear was disguised as self-doubt and the self-doubt was rooted in my own self value. I didn’t feel that I was worthy of the lifestyle of my dreams and because I didn’t believe that I fit the profile, my mind wouldn’t conceive it. That is powerful right. There is a saying that I began to repeat to myself (in the form of an affirmation) that goes “If I can conceive it & believe it then I can achieve it” - Napoleon Hill. I understood that self belief and belief in my dreams were paramount! I would challenge my mind to believe one aspect of my dream life at a time using vision boards and other imagery to create a static image for me to focus on. It really took a lot of self work. A lot of unpacking the limited beliefs that I had assigned to myself, disowning the bad names that hurled at me over the years, ridding myself of guilt from past failures and learning how to give myself permission to dream again.

So today, it is all about you taking 10 minutes to visualize what it will feel like to be the best version of you possible. Don’t just lay there and envision, however. Stretch your imagination by engaging your senses. Make the hair stand up on your arms and legs so that you can know you are really into your vision. Allow it to take over you. Then wake up and take the necessary steps to make it happen!


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