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Day 1 (of the 7 Day Mindset Challenge): Find Your Rhythm By Developing A Regimen

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Maximizing my potential became my strongest desire, but understanding how to do so became my biggest obstacle. How does one go from where they are to where they want to be? I find that knowing what you want is truly valuable once you know how to make it happen. In my 20s, while working in corporate America, all I wanted was freedom. However, up until that point I had only been taught how to work for someone else. I am sure that my life was similar to yours, decades of schooling and working in professional environments where we are taught that failing is bad and following traditions versus being the best version of yourself warrant success. I was totally screwed mentally because I knew that there had to be a better way, but stuck because I couldn’t figure it out. Until the Holy Spirit (yep, I am a Jesus lover) helped me to connect the dots. There wasn’t a grand, sky-opening event, but rather a connection of dots that helped me to realize that there were different paths to the same place (the place of being your best-self) and that all of those paths required a deeper journey within. So instead of stressing about figuring IT out, I became obsessed with figuring ME out.

So let me stop here and insert a nice “hello”! I am Q. Nicole McNair, founder of the REI Institute. I am passionate about leveraging the vehicle of real estate to become financially free. I also love helping my clients understand real estate investing and by creating a path that works best for them. So I am very passionate about building a solid mindset so that the skills you learn will become success strategies to lead you to the life you deserve. I love showing others what I do and have done to be able to live out my dreams each and every day.

When the intent shifted and I realized it was most important to better understand me, I understood that it was imperative to incorporate a “daily regimen” that would awaken my Spirit daily and help me to become the best version of myself. I discovered my regimen through reading one of my all-time favorite books and since adopting it, I have been introduced to a better version of me each and every day - life changing! I want to share 3 reasons why I have fallen in love with regimens and recommend that you do too!

Regimens establish rhythms: So the obvious here. If you are able to organize the details of your day and be intentional in your actions, then you will create a flow that inspires personal growth. The more you grow & improve, the better poised you become to handle what living a fulfilling life requires.

Regimens force focused, intentional actions: My personal regimen keeps me both aligned and in-line. Without it, I can’t really prove to myself that I am taking the correct actions to move toward my goals. When your daily personal development routine is designed to remind you of your greatest intention, it is easier to use the time that you have versus losing the time that you have. Time is valuable and it is very limited. If time is not managed properly, life can pass you by without warning.

Regimens help with the management of positive energy: Energy is a BIG and before establishing a regimen, I used to waste my days recycling negative energy. Doubts, fears, anxiety and worry would overwhelmed me mentally which negatively impacted my mood and performance. Honoring a regimen completely changed that. My daily ritual includes exercises that energizes me and affirmations that re-direct negative thoughts. Having a regimen also helps me preserve positive energy throughout my day. Hopefully you have been inspired to get yourself a regimen! Create healthy rituals that help develop healthy habits. It will be the foundation of your success! If you found this helpful, let us know! Let me know if you have ever tried a regimen and if you feel it can help you?


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