Q Nicole McNair (founder of the successful non-profit organization Be Global, Inc.) started her career working with high profile real estate developers in the Washington, DC Metropolitan region more than over a decade ago.  Unfulfilled in every area of her life, she found herself in a dark state of depression and was desperate for a way out.  One night while lying in bed and weeping, she remembered the words of her spiritual mentor that said, “If you want to fight depression, then you should focus on serving others”. It was then that she decided to allow the presence of the depression to fuel her desire to not only save herself, but save others.  Instead of simply volunteering in her spare time, Q. Nicole gathered her resources and created a charity dedicated to inspiring and mobilizing rural teenagers to fight food insecurity issues within rural communities throughout the U.S. She also used this organization to aid rural teens in developing success plans for their lives. 


Developing a successful non-profit organization required countless hours of selfless dedication.  Realizing the need for multiple streams of income to accomplish her life’s passion and her desire to serve others, Q.Nicole decided to enter into the direct sales industry where she developed a passion for helping others find freedom!  The momentum of her success afforded her the opportunity to transition into entrepreneurship full-time and the lucrative hobby of investing in real estate has become a focal point in her life’s freedom formula.

Quality Development Corporation (also known as QDC) is a privately owned corporation engaged in the acquisition, development and ownership of real estate. 

Q. Nicole McNair is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and friend who travels the world inspiring men & women to pursue their dreams & choose to defy limitations.  If you're interested in finding a dynamic, energetic and impactful speaker, look no further as Q. Nicole is the speaker that you seek. Whether motivating youth, inspiring budding entrepreneurs or encouraging women; Q. Nicole packages every message in passion and wisdom from the keen insight she has gathered as an entrepreneur.

Created by an Investor for Investors, the REI Institute offers quality educational programs and materials for all price ranges and experience levels.  We take pride in helping our #REIMentees produce lucrative results through our Mentorship!

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